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How We Do It
We created a mini college within
The Herbert Museum & Art Gallery.

We recognize that neuro diverse people have great problem solving skills and are inspired by creative challenges.
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A Person-Centred Approach
Supporting any young person for the next steps in their lives requires us to reflect upon how we can enable participation.

Inclusivity is a state of continuous learning. Adapt what you already have - we learn by generalising and remodelling approaches being flexible and responsive to individuals abilities.
Partnership Working
As a Creative and Digital Media Team we work with learners utilising these skills and working in partnership with other cultural organisations to diversify the art forms and skills development our learners can engage with.

This sees us work with freelance artists from animators to digital creators, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Open Theatre Company.
Listening to music with headphones
Reflect and Adapt
We debrief activity and reflect upon support worker feedback. Embedding a reflective practice in our work creates greater inclusivity and better outcomes.

We want to share our knowledge with you and learn your perspective.
Supporting Organisational Change
As a museum and art gallery we understand the challenges of transitioning a whole organization.

We support the values of the Cultural Inclusion manifesto which establishes a set of beliefs we as a sector can adopt to be more inclusive.
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