SEN Conference at the National Gallery

Creatively Supporting Young People with Additional Needs

A Learner in the History of Us Exhibition

SEN Conference at the National Gallery

Creative Bridges was selected for inclusion as a case study at the National Gallery and Museum of London annual SEN Conference.  We shared our work in creating a mini-college in a museum with 75 creative professionals from museums, galleries and schools.


The National Gallery and the Museum of London have partnered to form a Special Education Needs and Disabilities Network. Member organisations include museums, galleries and other heritage sites around the country.

The Network is open to SEND teachers as well as colleagues from across arts and heritage organisations who would like to share best practice in special needs education.

To benefit from the expertise of the network, see their website

A highlight of the conference was meeting and learning about the work of autism expert Gina Davies.  Gina taught us about the importance of creating a moment where young people want to know what will happen next.  She explained that when teaching your group are engaged when they are asking questions, curious to know more not when they are told if they participate they’ll get a reward.  The reward should be your workshop, if it isn’t then you need to re-think your practice.

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