Learner’s Journeys

Creatively Supporting Young People with Additional Needs

Hear from Our Learners Themselves

Our Learners Successes include:

  • The anxious learner, unable to attend the course in year one but persuaded by peers in year three, who was able to perform a dance piece with Birmingham Royal Ballet in front of a crowd. She continued to struggle with anxiety in school but was very keen to complete Creative Bridges because she saw it as the best day of the week.
  • The education partner looking for new challenges, who pioneered sending challenging learners to offsite provision who was so delighted with students achievements that she sought further offsite provision for them following the programme.

“It’s been absolutely pivotal for our students.  These are students that the local authority can’t place due to behavioural challenges and complex needs they can’t take part in mainstream learning.  This is the first time our students have been able to go off site and carry out transitional activity.  It’s been a huge step.  And on top of that to come away with a qualification, to succeed.  They’ve never had that opportunity before, to engage with people, professionals in their field, and to come away with a qualification in their own right, is huge, a massive achievement, so we can’t thank the Herbert enough.”

Manager of The Island Project (SEN School)

  • The extremely reluctant school leaver who was persuaded by the fact that he had successfully attended a course outside the school environment to give Hereward College a try. He is loving college now.
  • The learner who delighted in the opportunity to participate in theatre who achieved beyond expectations as a result and was able to be accepted on a higher course at Hereward College than is usual for students from his school.
  • The learner who mixed with new peers from other schools and decided not to follow fellow classmates to a specialist SEN College but instead opted for a mainstream college to mix with more new people due to her new found confidence on the course.
  • The course tutor who expressed that the joy given back by the students motivated him to want to be better at what he does, to experience even more joy from them.

“My son has an amazing memory for films, but he can’t do his laces up!  The Creative Bridges project has been a wonderful opportunity for him to develop his love for film and performance, and he has also made a new friend, something we hadn’t expected at all.”

Mother of one of the participants


We are looking at ways in which we can co-produce resources for the sector with young people with additional needs.  We worked with a Creative Bridges graduate to create an introduction to thew museum for people with autism.