Sharing Practice

Creatively Supporting Young People with Additional Needs

Taking photographsOur aim is to work with and support networks, partners and funders to enable a measurable change in the way the museum sector works with young people with learning difficulties.  We will be carrying out research to baseline work with young people with learning difficulties in them museum sector.  We will discuss what measurable change we would all like to see through our annual conference in December each year, then support that change by offering practical workshops in the Spring in 2019.

Our team, Herbert Media, are a part of Culture Coventry.  As a National Portfolio Organisation, we aim to address the creative case for diversity and our work is founded on:

  • Recognition that cultural learning leads to more rounded, creative and collaborative adults who actively participate within community, social, learning and professional environments.
  • Recognition that encouraging the development of an individual’s cultural capital can be the key to acquiring human capital (knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes) and social capital (networks of relationships and engagement in collective activities to achieve mutual benefits)
  • Recognition that qualitative cultural programmes have a greater lasting impact on participants than quantitative commercially driven programmes.

Further details about the workshops will be made public after our annual conference on 4th December 2018Listening to music with headphones

We would love to hear your views.  Please send any support needs or suggestions for the workshops to  Equally, if you are able to offer specialist support to the museums sector and would like to share your practice please contact us.