Annual Conference

Creatively Supporting Young People with Additional Needs

Creative Bridges Conference

The Creative Bridges Conference is an annual event that brings together arts, museum and education professionals to share best practice and provoke new ways of thinking about young people with additional needs/abilities.  The event will took place at Coventry Transport Museum on 4th December 2018.  

The conference is an opportunity to rethink approaches to equality, diversity and accessibility and was co-delivered by people with additional needs and abilities.  We had the chance to hear from experienced professionals and share practice.  Our discussions will inform a series of workshops (Spring 2019) to address barriers to this work and support new approaches.

Creating a Mini College in a Museum, 

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Work Experience in Rugby Museum and Art Gallery, to see slide notes please
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Open Theatre Company

Richard has worked with young people with additional needs for 25 years and will present a keynote speech on “Doing Difference Differently”.  “What can “neurotypical” learners discover about themselves, their creativity and their lives through working with Young People with Creative Differences?  What if young people aren’t “hard to reach”, what if arts organisations are?  What if facilitators enter a room not asking what young people can’t do, but what is unique to that child that they can do?”

Let’s Animate
Let’s Animate explore animation (inspired by collections) as a means to develop creativity and independent thinking offering young people a tactile and digital experience

Herbert Media
We use film making to co-develop new stories with young people with additional needs/abilities.